Harnessing the Power of the Generation Y


Participation trophies, helicopter parents, and Facebook status updates are among the things that the new generation of workers entering the editorial market place is known for.

Like the journalists who preceded them, Gen Y workers bring a unique set of perspectives and values to the workplace. In some cases, Gen Y has already set the tone for the future (e.g., Facebook's Mark Zuckerman).

In a time defined by rapid technological change, a Gen Y worker can fast become a valued member of an editorial team.

These so-called "digital natives," who came of age in a world that communicates via texting, Facebook and Twitter, often have an understanding of how to maximize a publication's presence on these social media platforms — a skill that often eludes their elders.

But harnessing these skills and coordinating them with the talents of other editorial team members requires time and patience.Watching over these new hires too closely will likely stifle their creativity. Giving them too much freedom could result in a social-media fiasco.

Please join your DC ASBPE colleagues for a lunchtime session on Harnessing the Power of Gen Y.

When: Friday, March 25, 2011 from 12:30 to 2pm

National Association of Realtors
500 New Jersey Avenue
N.W., Washington D.C. 20001
RSVP: To Steven Roll by March 18th at b2beditor@gmail.com

Cost: $15 members/$25 for nonmembers. A box lunch will be provided.

Paul Albergo, managing editor at BNA and adjunct journalism professor at American University, will discuss:
  • how seeing the workplace through the eyes of a Gen Y worker can trigger innovation and set the stage for future success the skills that members of Gen Y are not learning in college or graduate schools;

  • clues to look for when culling "paper tigers" from the resume pile;

  • why it's more important than ever to teach the fundamentals of journalism and good writing practices;

  • and practical solutions for encouraging enterprise and creativity, while limiting the impact of "rookie mistakes."


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