Read summaries of previous ASBPE-DC events

The numbers tell the story
Find out how to use Excel to analyze corporate financial data with these tips from ASBPE's first-ever webinar.

I hate you, don't leave me:
Do's and don'ts in the editorial/PR relationship

Editors and public relations pros exchanged tips on how to best deal with one another at a panel presentation jointly sponsored by ASBPE's D.C. chapter and the Public Relations Society of America.

Change agents: Trade pubs making a difference
Four panelists summarized their case studies from the ASBPE book Journalism That Matters, which details the reporting behind high-impact articles from B2B publications.

Speaking her mind
Deborah Howell, Ombudsman for the Washington Post, explains how she handles reader complaints.

e-Newsletters that work
Done right, e-newsletters are highly effective; done wrong, they're an irritant to your readers. Here's how to make yours one of the good ones.

Standing up for what's right
Most business-to-business publications report the news. A few become catalysts for change in the industries they cover.

Steal this magazine!
That's literally what people are doing with startup HSToday.The editors' goal: Make the content so good readers can't keep their hands off it.

Are interest groups blurring media lines?
D.C. ASBPE cohosts event examining ethical considerations arising from growth of interest-group media.
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