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Entries for the Tabbies, the international awards program held by Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI) are due March 5. The competition is open to trade, association, and business magazines published at least four times a year.

Categories include:
Feature Design
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Best Single Issue
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Best b2b Website
Online Feature

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What You Missed: Video on B2B Web Sites

by Christopher M. Wright

"People don't read anymore." That's right. Video is the future.
Here’s what you missed at ASBPE-DC’s panel discussion "Implementing Video on B2B Web Sites" on February 20:

Patrick Mirza, Online Multimedia Producer for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), said the day is coming when editors will have to think about slicing up coverage of a story and using the right tool for each aspect. Where a print piece can tell you how high a building is in feet, only a video clip can sweep the location and show you how imposing the structure really is. Likewise, video gets you closer to sources, communicating richer information through facial expressions, reactions to questions, etc.

If you had been there, you also would have learned how to go beyond simple "talking heads" to broadcast-style interviews with voiceovers and cutaways to referenced materials.

For Jeff Langkau, Creative Director for 1105 Media (Government Computer News, Federal Computer Week, etc.), the future is already here. The online version of a story, complete with video clips, is now the primary focus of editorial meetings and the print magazines are secondary. Preparation includes writing scripts, drawing up storyboards with camera angles and transitions, and planning out slideshows, Google Maps, etc. for the story's Web page. In short, what to invest in a story and how to maximize the return, i.e., increasing the number of news items that can be extracted from a single newsgathering effort.

The audience also heard from Jeff how to minimize expensive studio time and other costs.

During the Q&A, participants shared ideas on how to get started, where to look for case studies, and the relative merits and demerits of various video-editing software packages.

Don't miss out! Head to ASBPE DC's future workshops for great information and good company, all for a nominal cost and at a convenient downtown location. See you next time!

Mr. Wright is a freelance writer, ASBPE-DC Board Member, and winner of ASBPE Regional Bronze. He specializes in investment and technology topics for national and international clients. []

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Upcoming ASBPE DC Event: Implementing Video On B2B Web Sites

Please join the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) and your colleagues in the trade and association press for a Wed., Feb. 20, panel discussion on Web video.

With the push of Web 2.0 and readers clamoring for fresh, relevant multimedia content, more and more B2B publications are making video a prominent feature on their Web sites. But the technology has left some editors wondering how to get started and what exactly to post. If you count yourself among the confused, join the Washington, DC chapter of ASBPE for our latest workshop, "Implementing Video On B2B Web Sites," in which our panel of experts will examine the following questions:

--Why should I use video on my magazine's Web site?
--How do I decide what to put on the Web and what types of formats work best?
--What topics or subject matters are most appropriate for Web video?
--How should editorial staff be involved with Web video?
--What are the basic steps I should take once I've decided to post a video?
--How should video fit into my magazine's overall efforts and future plans?

--Jeff Langkau, Creative Director, 1105 Media, publisher of Government Computer News, Federal Computer Week, Washington Technology, Defense Systems, and Government Health IT. Jeff is responsible for the look and feel of all print and online products, and last year assumed responsibility for multimedia products. Jeff manages a staff of Web production managers, Web designers, print designers, and copy editors.

--Patrick Mirza, Online Multimedia Producer for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In January 2007, Patrick started up his organization's multimedia program from scratch, including developing a strategy for multimedia, purchasing equipment, setting up procedures and workflows, creating collaborative processes for working with text editors, converting video for the Web, and producing videos. His entire previous 18-year career was in print publishing, where he worked as an editor on magazines and newsletters; prior to moving into multimedia, he served as the managing editor and editor of SHRM's flagship magazine for 10 years.

Event details:
Wednesday, February 20, 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Boxed lunch provided

American Public Power Association (Please note new address!)
1875 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 1200
Washington, DC 20009
(Near the DuPont Circle Metro)

$18 for members
$23 for nonmembers

**Nonmembers: Join ASBPE during registration and receive free admission to this event!

RSVP by Feb. 18
For a registration form, contact Katy Tomasulo at

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What You Missed: Get Your Book Idea Published

By Christopher M. Wright

Here’s what you missed at ASBPE-DC’s special event "Get Your Book Idea Published" on Jan. 30:

Rob Freedman's most recent book is "How to Make Real Money in Second Life" (McGraw-Hill, 2007). Senior editor at Realtor magazine and a past president of ASBPE National, Rob said the first thing business book publishers want to know is why your book will sell. Consequently, they don't care how well you write as much as they want to see a business plan identifying the core strength of the book, which audiences will care, and how the book will find its way into their hands. Publishers gave him long lists of questions and it was from these that he crafted his book proposal.

Those in attendance also heard from Rob how best to leverage their personal ties to increase sales.

Roy Harris, senior editor at CFO magazine and immediate past president of ASBPE National, described three things that are important when trying to publish a scholarly work. For "Pulitzer's Gold" (University of Missouri Press 2008), Roy: 1) rejected advice that he needed to prepare a 100-page proposal and instead gave prospects a previously published chapter-length presentation; 2) learned that university presses are not interested in selling a lot of copies up front but are focused on whether a proposed book will have a long shelf life; and 3) showed commitment bordering on obsession, which impressed his editor.

If you had been with us, you also would have learned how Roy got his book into bookstores and promoted it on radio talk shows.

Sarah Davies, children's and young adult literary agent for The Greenhouse Literary Agency, puts together writers and publishers of similar bent and passion. Among her Top Ten Tips for children's writers: No. 2—Don't be derivative. No. 6—Work to develop a unique voice (she wants her hair to stand up). No. 9—Tap into emotions; it's what keeps readers reading.

Audience members also learned how to handle auctions and agents who charge reading fees.

For a few more insights, check out Magnificent Publications' coverage of the event.

Better still, don't miss out next time! The DC chapter will be hosting its next event, "Implementing Video on B2B Web Sites" on Wednesday, Feb. 20, at noon near DuPont Circle. Stay tuned for further details or email See you next time!

Mr. Wright is a freelance writer, ASBPE DC Board Member, and winner of ASBPE Regional Bronze. He specializes in investment and technology topics for national and international clients. (