What You Missed

By Christopher Wright

Here's a sampling of what you missed at ASBPE-DC's luncheon seminar "The Great Debate: Is Telecommuting Right for Your Editorial Operation?" on October 24th:

Joe Haas, managing editor for CD Publications in Silver Spring, Md., laid out a case against telecommuting. He said good things happen when colleagues confer in the workplace, yielding synergies that can't be replicated electronically. "I happen to believe in the value of collegiality," he said. Haas described his experience when his company tried allowing some employees to telecommute part-time.

On the opposite end of the debate, David Silverberg, editor of HS Today, relies on a network of reporters and production assistants spanning the globe. He's never met some of them in person. All work is conducted by email and .pdf files. There's no office, and that's the way Silverberg likes it. "All offices, and especially newsrooms, are evil, inefficient, and costly," he said, backing up his provocative assertion with several particulars.

Don't telecommuters have too many distractions at home? Silverberg believes the opposite is true.

June Fletcher, real estate reporter for the Wall Street Journal (and Silverberg's wife), has been working remotely for 13 years. She spoke of how her employer allows telecommuting for reporters who have proven themselves, and how it can be used to retain the best people. She also spoke candidly of the downsides and how it's not for everyone.

For a few more insights, check out Magnificent Publications' coverage of the event and be sure to read David Silverberg's article on this topic in the November/December issue of the ASBPE newsletter, arriving in your mailbox soon.

Better still, don't miss out next time! Head to ASBPE DC's future workshops for great information, good food, and good company, all for a nominal cost and at a convenient downtown location. See you next time.

Mr. Wright is a freelance writer, D.C. ASBPE Board Member, and winner of
ASBPE Regional Bronze. He specializes in investment and technology topics
for national and international clients. www.sinewaveinvestor.com